Superwomen Unite!

I blinked… and it was September. How the heck did that happen? Seriously?? Well – here we are – and it’s time to get down to business.  My next message will be all about that. But today is just for the superwomen in the house… you know who you are!  Hopefully, this will give you a chuckle and help you take a breath. You deserve it!


Recently I happened on a post I wrote awhile back entitled “Owning The Cape.” It’s about the struggle to be superwoman… A subject I’ve dealt with literally all my life.  Funny that I should happen on it a day when I’ve made several minor mistakes. Left my cell phone at home… Then the car. Missed 3 (Count ’em… 3!) Trains on the process. A bumpy start to say the least.

On my way to work I begin to think about my amazing tribe of superwomen. Some are more balanced than others. Lately, I’ve been feeling a bit off kilter. I’ve made some decisions to slow my roll a bit. But then I start feeling like a slacker. Sound familiar? If this is you – take a moment and BREATHE. This message is for you.
Here are a few things we can do to maintain our sanity.

  1. Breathe. Literally. Sometimes we get in “fight or flight” mode and can even tense up and stop breathing! Take a deep breath. Take another one. Put on some music while you work. Walk around the block. Give yourself some space.
  2. Cut yourself some slack. Why are we so hard on ourselves? Nobody’s perfect, yet somehow we bought into this image that keeps us acting as if we have to keep up a façade of competence, strength, and courage. Allow yourself to be human.
  3. Get help. This is the hardest thing for us to do!  But it’s so important.  Delegate (and then LET GO). Hire help if you need to, or find services that will help lighten your load.
  4. Find ways to connect and refresh. Today I had lunch with a dear friend. We laughed about my fumbled start to the day. It was good to be with someone who ‘gets it’. Connect with people who care.
  5. Indulge in things you love. This can be big or little. A day in with jammies and a new book or binge watching Netflix. Buy flowers for yourself. Chocolate lover? Get some of the good stuff on occasion. Life is for living!

Now, take another deep breath. Feels good, doesn’t it? I know you are slaying dragons, knocking down walls and leaping tall buildings with a single bound. But you have to be good to yourself in the process.
Much love… Trina

Here’s the blog I wrote in 2010. I hope you enjoy it!

PS. Are you struggling with your cape? Or feeling the urge to do more? Join me and other wise and fabulous women on a new journey





What We Can Learn From Prince #PrinceDay

I originally wrote this piece within days of The Purple One’s untimely death. But after all the speculation on cause of death, estate, etc., I decided to hold onto it until his birthday, which was on June 7. He would have been 58. Many of us were shocked and overwhelmed at the news. However, I was also very encouraged when I learned of some the little known facts of how he conducted his life. So I came up with this list of lessons we can apply to our own lives.

prince free

  1. Live your truth… unapologetically. (Authenticity) Prince lived life on his own terms – always. It meant he made some controversial decisions, and sometimes pissed people off. But he was true to himself – 100%. We can all learn from this.
  2. Contribute (Generosity) Prince was very philanthropic, but kept his good works out of the limelight. After his death, many stories came out about the extent of his generosity, including environmental causes, and supporting youth learning about computers, among other things. He was also devout in his faith life, and kept that personal as well.
  3. Connect and bring others along (Mentorship). After his death there was an outpouring of sharing among people he had supported and encouraged in their careers. Some of his protégés included Alicia Keys, Janelle Monet, Carmen Electra, along with more well-known connections like Vanity, Sheila E and The Time
  4. Live out loud! (Outrageousness) Party like its 1999! Need I say more? Prince SLAYED with every fiber of his being. No limits, no boundaries. And it worked like a charm!
  5. Embrace your gifts and passions. (Live on purpose) Prince was clear about who he was in the world, and was completely committed to his music… and it showed!
  6. Work it! Prince was a hard working brother! (Drive) We’ve now heard about the vault of music, with many years’ worth of unreleased material, and how he often slept in studio. When you love what you do, the work is easy to commit to.
  7. Embrace change. (Reinvention). We all know the many faces, styles of dress and musical personas that Prince developed over the years. A reminder to us all to keep it fresh!
  8. Innovate! (Entrepreneurship) Prince constantly thought outside the box. He was always creating opportunities, and was very protective about his brand and music. We all remember the “slave” tattoo and him adopting a symbol as his identity.
  9. Plan your legacy.(Preparedness) Sadly, this last lesson is a cautionary tale. Prince had built a sizeable empire, and there is doubt as to whether he left any estate plans, which is unbelievable. But as we all know, tomorrow is not promised. At 57, I’m sure that he thought he had plenty of time, but one never knows.

In closing, take time for what, and who matter in life. Live on purpose and embrace your destiny. There will never be another Prince Rogers Nelson, but we certainly learn by how he showed up in the world and made us all take notice. Sadly, his story ended much sooner than it should have.

Here’s to life…. Abundantly!  #JustDoYou

Much love always,

Trina Ramsey – Career & Life Strategist,

P.S. A footnote on #9: I have a friend who is working on helping people to plan their legacies TODAY. Please contact me if you would like an introduction.

You can have what you want in life….

… if you are willing to do some things differently.

Hello my friend!

It’s been awhile since I’ve written. Life has been a whirlwind of activity, as it goes sometimes.  And how are you? I pray things are going well in your life.


Today’s message is about Intention and Focus.

I truly believe that you can have what you want in life. That doesn’t mean you will have EVERYTHING YOU WANT, EXACTLY WHEN YOU WANT IT. That also doesn’t mean that bad stuff doesn’t happen along the way. And admittedly – sometimes it’s REALLY BAD.  And we have to push and lean on our faith and others to get through it.

The truth is – life is a roller coaster ride. There are some wonderful high points, and there are some lows. It’s what you do with the rest of it that helps steer your course.

Some people believe that life is crappy and the best we can do is try to weather the storm. I have a good friend who often uses the phrase “You will have what you say.” I think that’s very true. It’s another way of expressing the Law of Attraction.  Another often-used term is, “What you focus on expands.”


I have a question for you.

What are you focusing on?

Do you spend more time bemoaning the bad things that happen, thinking about the past, or blaming others for your circumstances? This is known as “victim mentality” and it is a very disempowered place to be. People who have this world view stay stuck and don’t realize their own inherent power.


It’s time to take back your power.

Here are a few suggestions.

Turn negative statements around. Instead of saying “I can’t do it,” say “I’m not sure how I’m going to do it, but I can figure it out!” Think of a few of the negative things you say to yourself and try re-framing your attitude about the situation.

Limit your exposure to energy drains. Sometimes there are people and situations who steal your joy and keep you from believing in yourself. It may be at your workplace – a toxic person or a boss who doesn’t support you. It may be a family member or friend who is constantly negative or drains your energy by leaning on you too much.  Whatever the source, YOU HAVE THE POWER to change the dynamic and limit your exposure. In some cases it may mean getting a new job or cutting ties with someone (or realizing that you can limit the conversations you have with them).

Make plans for the future – and then ACT. Sometimes we want something different in our lives but we don’t know how to go about getting it. This is where plain old hard work and determination are required. If you want something, you can’t just wish it into being. You can pray about it, but you also have to DO SOMETHING to move things forward. Carve out the time and energy to figure out how to make the first step toward your goal. Sometimes it will require education, a mentor, a coach or an accountability partner to help you stay in forward motion.

ARE YOU READY TO TAKE ACTION? Your future is waiting!

If you are STUCK and DISEMPOWERED, I invite you to take time out for your life! As a coach it’s my job to support and encourage people on their journey. Let’s get to know each other!

  1. Schedule a complimentary introspection coaching session with me and let’s find ways to shift your energy so you can enjoy life more. Just email me at and we can get started. I look forward to talking to you!
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Until next time – yours in joy and possibility….