Uplevel Your Resolutions 7 Day Challenge

uplevel-resolutions-narrowARE YOU INTIMIDATED BY NEW YEARS, RESOLUTIONS, goal setting and such? Or maybe you try to do TOO MUCH? Sometimes we make things TOO COMPLICATED.

Are you ready to say good riddance to 2016… and start anew?

It’s time… to UPLEVEL and Rock Your Resolutions!

Starts January 5!

Join the challenge today! http://bit.ly/UplevelResolutions

Join this FUN challenge and dig into your New Year’s resolutions and goals, with insightful daily activities and an intimate, supportive group. This challenge will allow you to examine your mindset about New Year’s resolutions and goal setting, focus on your top three goals for the year, and develop a specific action plan.

Trina Dec 2014

A note from Trina

Why I decided to do this:

My personal mission is to help people to live full, joyous and authentic lives. I love the energy of the new year – goals, new beginnings, UPLEVELING. But I gotta be honest with you – I have a personal bias AGAINST resolutions. I think we tend to pile them on and burn out quickly. Instead of creating a laundry list of all the ways your life will be perfect in the new year, think about what will be the BEST thing for you to focus on, that will improve your life, your business, and your levels of peace, you and fun.

How this challenge is different: in 7 days we will examine all of these things and develop a specific action plan for each person. Then we’ll keep our Facebook group open so that we can continue to support one another.  

Sound good? Join the party! http://bit.ly/UplevelResolutions

Here’s to an AMAZING 2017!

Yours in unlimited possibility,

Trina Ramsey

Career & Life Strategist



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