Why Wait Until 2017? #LifeIsNow

Yes…. It’s October already. The days are getting shorter and the temps are dropping. The holidays will he here before you know it.

How is 2016 going for you? Take this quick poll.  Which number fits you?

  • 1: YUCK… I just want this year to be over.
  • 3: IMPROVING… It was rough but things are turning around.
  • 5: SO-SO… A mixed bag. But I’m ready to move forward.
  • 7: Not bad… Not amazing; but things are going ok.
  • 10: FANTASTIC! This has been my year!

If you are having a tough year, I encourage you to do whatever is necessary to take care of you and your family. Sometimes all we can do is get through it – one day at a time. But whatever you do – don’t go it alone. Many of us will suffer in silence and not want to burden others – when that’s exactly what we need. If you need to lean on others – do just that. There is no shame. They care about you.

And if I can do anything to support you – just let me know, ok? Seriously. Send me a message and let’s talk!

If you want the future to be better than the past – I can support you. As a matter of fact, I put together a little something with special pricing JUST FOR MY PEEPS.

Finish Strong! 2016 is not over yet!

I’m offering a special program for anyone who wants to tackle something and see results by January. So… If you have some unfinished business this year, you can still do something to turn the tide. Choose JUST ONE THING to focus on – either to jump start a new goal or regain momentum on something you’ve started, but now need to cross the finish line. Only you know what it is.


This is a 2 month, 1-on-1program. Start now and you can be done before the holidays! This is the same coaching I offer, at a bit of a slower pace (2 sessions per month), and focused only on 1-2 goals.

What you get:

  • 90 min kickoff Power Session
  • 3 bi-weekly 60-minute calls
  • Weekly email check-ins
  • Free workbook: Designing the Life You Deserve
  • This is just what you need: Personal. Results oriented. Future-focused.

LET’S DO THIS!  For details email trina@mycoachtrina.com

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