What’s Your Why?

Here’s some food for thought, in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s birthday.

I really want you to spend some time thinking about your life – what you are happy and proud of, and what you’d like to do differently.

Dr. King Knew His WHY…

Dr. King left a huge legacy. But he was not trying to be famous. He was trying to do what’s right. He stood up for not only racial justice, but peace and humanity. He knew his Why. He was crystal clear about what was at stake. And he was willing to go to jail, to lead others into harm’s way in the name of justice, and ultimately he gave his life for the cause.

Now, before you roll your eyes at me, I fully understand that most of us will not lead lives of this magnitude. On the other hand, many of us go through life on auto-pilot – getting pulled along life by random events. Sometimes we persist on a path that is not good for us – but we are too busy pushing to achieve a goal that is not one that we care about.

The truth of the matter is this – there are ordinary people who inspire us every day. You don’t have to be Dr. King, Steve Jobs or Mother Teresa to live an inspired life. Take a moment if you will and think about your life. Maybe even go back to your childhood. I bet you can think of someone who you admire. Maybe it’s a teacher, a doctor or nurse who is particularly well suited to their job. It can be someone who is in a service industry who goes above and beyond and always has something positive to say. They find a way to brighten your day at JUST the right time – when you needed a smile or a word of encouragement.

Time for some introspection…

What about you? To be clear, I’m not asking how inspirational you are. But I want you to consider how your life is spent.

  1. What’s most important to you? Is it apparent to the people around you? Some people claim that family is important, but spend so much time working that their children or significant others don’t get adequate quality time. Of course, sometimes you simply must put in the hours to make sure that your basic needs are met. But there are small choices we can make to honor those we care about.
  2. How do you spend your time and resources? Because truthfully – how we spend our days is how we spend our lives. Are you enjoying the ride? Are you taking care of yourself and making sure you take time for yourself and your loved ones? Are you using your vacation time and taking time to relax and rejuvenate?
  3. Is there something you want to do, experience or accomplish that you’ve been putting off until “the time is right”? Here’s the deal… life ticks by minute by minute, day by day. There is never a signal for “the right time”. If it lights you up and makes you feel more alive – make room in your life for it! If there is something that you want to contribute –find a way to make the time. Because for some of us “someday” never arrives. And let’s face it… at the end of our lives no one ever wishes they had worked more.

Please take a few moments to take stock of your life – and consider taking action on whatever it is that needs attention… your loved ones, that dream you had put on hold, or re-prioritizing your time and your health.

I say it all the time…. LIFE IS NOW. You owe it to yourself to make the most of it!

Many blessings to you and yours..

Your friend, Trina

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